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Please see below our frequently asked questions. Can't find what you were looking for? Contact me for more information!

Availability – How do I find out if the items I am interested in are available?

Pop the items you are interested in a list or screen shot the pictures, ideally with approximate quantities and the date of your event and email it over to us. We will run through the hire schedule and check the availability of each item.

Pricing – How much are the items and services?

Most of our products prices are listed on the website.  Only a few do not, which is generally because we need to know guest numbers first or if the item is new to our collection and still growing to the needs of our customers.  We also offer some packages which save money on the individual prices. Our hire price is for the item only, delivery charges and a styling service charge would be added if required, however, we will be able to give a full quote after we find out all of the details for your big day.

Delivery costs – How much will delivery cost?

We offer a standard delivery and collection total charge of £25 to addresses within 20 miles of our base in Wellington Telford.  For distances over this the delivery will be charged at £0.50p per mile. Please contact us for a quote.


Minimum orders – Do you have a minimum order?

 If you wish to use our collect service and collect and return your chosen smaller pieces from and to us, there is a £50.00 minimum order value.  For both our Deliver and Delivery and Style service options there is a £150.00 minimum order. 

Discounts – Do you offer discounts?

We always try to keep our pricing competitive and fair.  We offer some packages where there is a saving on individual items however we don't offer direct discounts. We feel discounting for some would be unfair to our others who have paid full.

Deposit – How much deposit to you require?

We ask for a 25% non refundable deposit to secure the items for your date. We then request the balance 14 days before the day of the event.

Breakages / Losses – What happens if we break or lose something?

Although not common we are aware and totally understand unforeseeable damage can occur and always appreciate an open and honest approach to any mis-haps. As our collection is very unique and often hard to come by to replace, we require a fully refundable damage deposit of 25% of the total replacement value which is required along with the final/full balance 14 days before the event (This will be fully listed in your booking quotation). This is to cover any general but fixable damages and will be refunded to you within 48hrs after the event. When you receive your booking form, you will also see a replacement cost listed under each item.  This is the amount you will be charged if the item is completely lost or damaged beyond fixture. You will have 4 weeks after the event to make payment to us for this (minusing the 25% amount already paid). If we can source a replacement any cheaper at the time, we will inform you. All of our terms and conditions are clearly explained within your quotation.

Payments – What payment methods do you accept?

We can take bank transfers or Paypal.

Hire period – How long can I have the items for?

The hire period is for up to 3 days.  This usually runs from a day before the event until a day after.  If you require items for a longer period, let us know and as extended hire may be available dependant of bookings.

Care and Cover – Can we use items outdoors?

As our items are very delicate we require that they are all (except our churns, buckets, crates and outdoor arbor) kept and used under a cover and away from any other objects that could cause damage i.e water/heat/adverse weather conditions. We are happy for items to be used outdoors without cover if dry however ask they are brought under cover during the evening. We require rugs to be laid on dry ground.


Cleaning – Do I need to clean the items?


No, you do not need to clean the items but we do ask that any obvious food is removed to avoid permanent damage.  If you can make us aware if something has been stained on the day so we can deal with it as quickly as possible.  We also ask that any candles are removed from lanterns before boxing up as these can sometimes crack the glass in transit.

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